Picker Duke

He’s traveling the countryside turning trash into treasure!

Long before the Picker television series became popular depicting the scavenging and picking of hidden treasures throughout the countryside, Picker Duke, also known as Denny, the founder of Mr. Jiffy, could be found dragging almost anything home. As a young lad Picker Duke earned his spending money mowing neighborhood lawns and doing other chores and would often times drag anything home that neighbors did not want. An old rusty bike or wagon would soon be repaired and repainted, and before long that old bike would be traded or sold to a neighborhood kid. Gradually, Picker Duke became fascinated with what others considered trash, junk, or just a pile of old stuff. At the young age of fifteen and too young to drive, he bartered and dickered until he brought home an old 1939 Chevrolet car, much to the amazement of his dad. As the ensuing years evolved, the desire to seek out old items he considered to be interesting, became of keen interest to Picker Duke.

Fast forward to today and Picker Duke, wearing an old brim hat and with a cup of fresh coffee in hand, can be found exploring a neighborhood basement, an old barn in the countryside, or a forgotten attic seeking other people’s junk and hidden treasures all while helping to save and preserve items for future generations to enjoy. You will have an enjoyable time meeting Picker Duke, and who knows, he may find a hidden treasure at your place as well. Give Picker Duke a call, he will be delighted to meet you.

Buying, Bartering, Scavenging and digging out Old Treasures, Picker Duke is never to busy to take a call.

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