Hoarders Angels

The realities of overwhelming hoarding and clutter can be devastating. Unhealthy and unsanitary living conditions, infestation of unwelcome critters, tripping and falling over clutter, and urgent fire hazards are all reasons to call for help from Hoarders Angels.

With compassion, understanding and thoroughness, our staff is qualified and committed to make the journey through the process of rendering your dwelling safe and clean.

We understand that each situation is unique in and of itself, and that individuals subject themselves to the clutter for very personal reasons. Our staff therefore avoids an approach that will further cause the distancing from the required help, rather we mentor all parties involved using a step by step approach to address the problem.

The following are some before and after pictures from a recent clean-out.

Living Room

Hoarding J C 002



Hoarder done+50 Acadmey 007



Hoarding 2 003



Hoarder done+50 Acadmey 012



Hoarding 2 005



Hoarder done+50 Acadmey 010