Coughlin Estate & Auction Services




Here is some useful information for you to know and consider before we meet with you on site to discuss our services.

Although there are many factors involved to insure a successful auction and/or the sale of estate items, it is the overall quality, collectability, rarity and condition that will set the pace of a good sale. In general, buyers are looking for interesting and unique items and will pay accordingly. We therefore, discourage the stripping of the estate contents, leaving only low value items for the purpose of an auction. Low value items will give the flair of a garage sale setting and discouraging the qualified buyer from attending. In the present day economy, the better the quality of the sale, simply means the better the end result.


Items the family wishes to retain, only need to be labeled with the word “SAVE” and we will group such items in an agreed upon area. They do not have to be removed before we start our work.


Accessibility is important to the promptness of our work. We therefore ask to be granted use of keys and alarm codes. We will return the same upon completion of our work.


Sorting can be time consuming and overwhelming. With years of experience, we sort quickly and uniformly designate items by category. Oftentimes our expertise enables us to salvage useful items, that otherwise might be treated as being of no value or just plain trash.Estates July & aug. 13 035

By category, items are treated as:

1. Saleable

2. Low value, but suitable for a worthy charity

3. Trash, Hazmat & Recyclable.

Personal papers will be shredded as requested or required. Valuable items are brought to the attention of the executor.


We sort, pack, and deliver to local charity, low value but useful items on your behalf. Our charity of choice is the Samaritan House Mission in Binghamton, NY. However we will deliver to your charity of choice. You then receive a receipt for the donations and can use it for tax purposes. Included are clothing, good mattresses & low value but useful household items.


We are prepared to handle the complete trash disposal requirements. Old food items, general trash items, recyclables, paints, chemicals, old appliances, tires, hazmat items, and other related items.


At the very least, we like to leave the property broom and/or vacuum cleaned. We also will do a more general cleaning, vacuum rafters, hand dusting throughout, clean fireplaces, and tidy up bathrooms and the kitchen. When requested, we will do more heavy cleaning.


Often we are asked if we barter. We may therefore offer to barter select items and will apply the sum agreed upon to the cost of our services.


Although we desire to consult with you on site related  to our service costs and commissions, you can be assured your cost doing of business with the Coughlin’s will offer you savings with every facet of the work we may do for you. Generally, we are the most competitive in the industry.


We may require a down payment to cover initial labor and trash disposal costs. Final payment for on site work, mission deliveries, and trash disposal will be due upon the completion of all on site work. We do not hold our billing until all goods consigned for auction or direct sale are completed.

Listed below are a few references from our clients…

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